Anna Scurry


Anna Scurry

My name is Anna Scurry and I am a dreamer. I believe in questioning what we have been conditioned to accept, in thinking differently – especially when it comes to our health.

We only get 1 body and we cannot trade or replace them. It is sad and unfortunate that most people never get to experience how good we were actually created to feel!

Thank you for visiting my ASEA page.  So who am I and why would you want to join my ASEA team?

I am a Certified Nutritionist and Private Wellness Coach. I truly believe that your dream health is simply just a contact away. It took one person, one encounter for me to completely transform my health and life. One day changed the course of my life and destiny forever, and this is why I’m here right now. I said YES!

I was like many people, searching for answers to challenges. I discovered how I could support my health 100% naturally. It is now my life’s mission and purpose to share my gifts, knowledge and experience to help others do the same. As a Certified Nutritionist I work with my clients through targeted nutrition and protocols designed specifically for the individual, as we are all unique.

When we celebrate and understand our uniqueness it allows us to achieve more than we thought possible individually.

You cannot build a solid structure without a strong foundation allowing the unique design to shine through on top of a solid core. ASEA and RENU 28 have become part of my solid foundation, and I highly recommend that you choose to use ASEA and RENU 28 too.

No matter where you are at, or what you have been through personally or professionally, today is the first day of the rest of your life.   If you are looking to support your health, ASEA is amazing.  If you are looking to support your skin care regimen and transform you appearance, ASEA’s RENU 28 is the breakthrough product of the decade.  When you are looking to transform your financial outlook, I along with my amazing team of up-line support is here to help you create and implement a financial and business plan tailed to your individual goals.

You can now create a new future, and define a new way of life. I have dedicated my practice to utilizing only the best tools, resources and products to help support YOU in achieving the results you so desperately desire. ASEA is foundational.

ASEA and its Redox Signaling Molecules hold the key to human life (Redox Signaling Molecules). Without Redox Signaling we cease to exist. Redox Signaling Molecules are foundational to cellular communication and in cellular healing.

Our bodies communicate with us everyday, the question is are we listening? And if we are listening, are we actually caring what it is saying enough to provide it what it needs?

As a foundational support too, ASEA Water helps support our body, providing us the opportunity to support our health naturally.  ASEA RENU 28 helps do the same for our largest organ, our skin.  Combine these too with ASEA’s Network Marketing Business Opportunity and you can join my winning team of ASEA distributors whose desire it is to help you enjoy your life filled with Energy, Vitality and Youth.

While I and my Clinical Nutrition practice is located in Bellevue Washington, I am looking to build my ASEAteam throughout Seattle, Redmond, Ballard, Bellevue, Everett, Spokane and Lynwood Washington, Portland, Oregon and Internationally.

If you are looking for an ASEA leader in Washington or Oregon, I would be grateful for the honor of being your one encounter, your one contact, and your one conversation that alters the course of your life forever, personally and professionally.

Love & Blessings,
Anna Scurry, CNC

“Your #1 Asset is YOU!”