ASEA Directions: How To Drink ASEA

Congratulations! You have discovered a health technology that some experts are calling the most significant health breakthrough of our lifetime.

Science has known about a very specific set of molecules made inside your cells known as “redox signaling molecules”. Over 9,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies have clearly demonstrated that these molecules are in fact foundational to regeneration and healing at the cellular level. However, with time, your cell start to produce less of these molecules and as a result the healing process become sluggish and less efficient. We call this “aging”.

The creation of a supplement that contains these vital Redox Signaling molecules would be groundbreaking to say the least. However, due to their unstable and highly reactive nature, science declared it was impossible.

Well, after two decades and millions of dollars of research, a group of scientists cracked the code and they created the only product in the world that contains powerful redox signaling molecules. We call it “ASEA”. And ASEA’s impact on physical health is nothing short of staggering. Athletes consuming ASEA are experiencing gains in endurance, strength and recovery.

In short, that ASEA technology has the potential to spearhead the greatest advances in health that we have ever seen. And thanks to heavily patented technology, ASEA has no competition, no copycats.

So let’s talk business. After turning down a multimillion dollar payout in the pharmaceutical industry, ASEA decided to introduce their technology to the world by building a network of distribution through individuals like you and. Now if you positioned yourself at the very beginning of the vitamin and mineral curve 50-60 years ago, you could’ve positioned yourself for wealth. The same is true for antioxidants 20 years ago or even exotic juices 10-15 years ago.

However, with ASEA, we’re talking about a technology that goes way beyond nutrition and ingredients and you impact the human condition at a depth that no other supplement has ever come close to achieving. That we’ve also created a simple blueprint for the average ASEA associate to quickly build $1,000 in ongoing monthly residual income, and of course this is only the beginning. By building on a philosophy of helping others to succeed. Make no mistake about it, the ASEA technology is real, the results are real, the opportunity is real.

So what does this extraordinary scientific breakthrough mean for you? A massive, phenomenal financial and business opportunity. As an ASEA Associate, you’re not selling a juice or a pill that can be purchased at any big-box or grocery store. You’re offering a groundbreaking product that can only be purchased from one source: you.

As an ASEA Associate You Have A Special Advantage

In order for me to choose to participate with a company, it needs to meet many criterial On of the things that I look for and ASEA meet is having a Unique and Special Advantage, one that is not or can not be easily copied. ASEA has multiple US and International patents, making ASEA a company that can not be duplicated.

You will not find a product like ASEA offered on online or in a local retail outlet. ASEA’s unique and perfectly balanced Redox Signaling Molecules makes ASEA water something that is without parallel or competition.

ASEA water offers health benefits that are not currently available in any other product… PERIOD!


ASEA is a unique product without comparison. HOW? ASEA water is the first and ASEA water provides perfectly balanced, shelf stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules. The only place to get the vital and Amazing Molecules outside of your body is through ASEA water. With unique and patented proprietary process, ASEA is without competition. What does this mean for you? When you share ASEA with a potential associate or customer, they will not be able to purchase ASEA anywhere else. If you are looking for a home in network marketing (MLM), it is important for the longevity of product use.


The words transformational and breakthrough are thrown around too casually in the network marketing (MLM) industry. By transformational, we are talking about ASEA being a category creator. ASEA water and its Redox Signaling Molecules are on the forefront of a new industry. ASEA is NEW. When looking for a home in the network marketing industry (MLM) you want a company and product that are without competition.

3. ASEA Leadership

Who founded and is leading your network marketing company? When I investigated ASEA, one of the first things I looked at was ASEA leadership. When I met and spoke with ASEA founder Verdis Norton, I found a leader with a successful business track record from outside the network marketing industry that he now brings to it. Verdis Norton a former VP of Kraft Foods spent over 30 years growing Billion Dollar Divisions. Verdis Norton retired from Kraft Foods as the Vice President of Strategy. After Kraft, Verdis ran a biotech company. It was during this time that he came across quite by accident a new breakthrough technology that captured his attention and interest. He was asked to be on this companies board of directors and eventually purchased it when it became available for sale. Why? Because this product was the pre-cursor of ASEA. Verdis knew this product had the capability to make a positive and profound difference in other peoples lives.

Verdis has now assembled a top notch leadership team that will help ASEA become a legacy company that will be around for generations to come.

4. Timing Is Everything!

The timing for joining ASEA is perfect! We live in a very toxic world and because of that, people are having health challenges at unprecedented levels. ASEA meets the need for people searching for true answers and proven solutions that are making an positive impact on health. ASEA water is here to help! As we are starting to discover, true health begins at the cellular level known as true cellular healing. People need solutions that can help here, and ASEA water is the one and only supplement that affects our bodies Redox Signaling healing outside of our body. ASEA is the leader in the wellness category. Pretty soon the name ASEA will become commonplace. Now is the time to try ASEA water and join ASEA and Dave’s Atlanta Launch Team.

To speak with Dave use the contact form on this page or call 678-403-2681.

5. ASEA Is For Everyone

ASEA water is for everyone! While ASEA’s technology is unique and proprietary, ASEA water is for everyone! Choosing a network marketing company (MLM) with a broad appeal is important. You want to join a company that can benefit everyone. ASEA water is for people who want optimal health. ASEA is for athletes who want increased VO2 Max and improved athletic performance. ASEA is for people who are reached the 30’s, 40s and 50’s and want to focus on anti-aging and cellular health. ASEA is for seniors who want to feel better and improve their wellness.

ASEA Has Six Ways To Generate Revenue

Imagine a company and an opportunity that provides you six (6) distinct ways to generate revenue. would you be interested? Well of course you would, and ASEA water provides this. Below are an explanation of the 6 ways to generate revenue in ASEA:

ASEA Retail Sales

When you sell ASEA at full Retail, you make retail profits.

Retail Sales are just one way to make ASEA profits. Sell some ASEA and increase your earnings! Here’s how it works. As an Associate, you can purchase ASEA products at the wholesale price, sell them at the retail price, and then pocket the difference. Or you can send someone to your website where they can purchase ASEA products at the retail price and ASEA will pay you $30, the difference between the retail ($150) and wholesale price ($120). The volume generated from retail sales is 100CV (Commissionable Volume) per case and counts towards personal volume requirements and is added to your lesser volume leg.

ASEA Preferred Customer Bonuses

When you sign someone as a preferred customer, you both benefit because you are showing them how they can get ASEA water at wholesale savings through ASEA’s

Preferred Customer Autoship Program. They save = you earn. You will earn a $25 bonus every time they purchase a case of ASEA on Autoship. If they purchase two cases of product, then you’ll receive $50, and so on. To receive this bonus you must be active (generating 100PV in a month). The volume for each case purchased by a Preferred Customer is 50CV and this volume counts towards personal volume requirements and is added to your lesser volume leg.

ASEA Fast Start Bonus

When you enroll someone as an ASSOCIATE with one to eight cases of ASEA (Enrollment Product Packs), you will earn instant Fast Start Bonuses of $20 – $160, plus you will earn Fast Start Bonuses.

Even better, this one-time Fast Start Bonus will be given to you and your qualified upline who are active.

ASEA Team Commissions

Team Commissions (TC) are the foundation of the ASEA compensation plan. Your organization of Associates is known as the binary, and has two legs—your left leg and your right leg. All of the Associates placed under you will be in one of these legs. Associates under you in your binary do not necessarily have to be personally sponsored by you. You, your sponsor, or anyone else above you in the binary can place Associates in your organization in either one of your legs. This is known as spillover. Your Group Volume (GV) is the sum total of the PV of all Associates in all or a portion of your organization.

Even better, this one-time Fast Start Bonus will be given to you and your qualified upline who are active.

To start earning Team Commissions you need to:

  • Be active (100PV) and qualified
  • Have an active (100PV) personally sponsored
  • Associate on your left and right binary legs

Team Commissions are paid weekly by calculating and paying out 10% of the volume in your lesser volume leg. For example, if you had 5,000GV on your lesser leg and 7,000GV on your greater leg, you would receive a com- mission of $500 (10% of the 5,000GV lesser leg). Then 5,000 would be subtracted from both legs, leaving 0 on your lesser leg and 2,000 on the greater leg for the next week.

Any leftover volume on your greater leg will carry over to the next week, as long as you remain active with at least 100PV.

ASEA Check Match

With Check Match, you can earn a match on the Team Commissions paid to Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on, up to seven generations! Check Match is determined on the rank you achieve, and your personal sponsorship tree, which is simply all of the Associates you’ve personally sponsored and the Associates that they have personally sponsored, and so on. In each personal sponsorship tree leg, each personally sponsored Associate begins a new leg, and a generation ends with a qualified ranked Associate of Bronze Executive or higher.

The great news is that there are no limits to the width of your personal sponsorship tree, so you can continue to add more legs in order to add Associates to your generations!

Earn check matches on Associates you’ve personally sponsored, and the ones they’ve sponsored, and so on… up to 7 generations!

ASEA Triple AAA Bonus

The ASEA AAA Bonus is by far the most powerful and immediately lucrative residual portion of the ASEA Compensation Plan. As you begin to build your team of Associates the AAA (ASEA Autoship Advantage) Program will help to return your initial investment in your ASEA business. You can also qualify to make up to $750 a month by creating and maintaining a AAA Bonus Structure with as little as 28 Associates on Autoship. To participate in the AAA Bonus Program make sure you and all of the qualifiers are on Autoship with a minimum of 100PV per order.

There are three levels to the ASEA AAA bonus.

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