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ASEA is changing the lives of people everywhere, from elite ultra-endurance athletes who constantly push their bodies to the limit to people just wanting to take better care of their health. The truth is that ASEA can benefit the health of everyone at every stage. And people from all walks of life are sharing how this remarkable health breakthrough is making a difference for them.


Joe, San Clemente, CA

Since starting on ASEA, I have more energy and mental clarity than I’ve ever had. My sleep is much deeper. During workouts, I have more endurance, more flexibility, and quicker recovery with ASEA.  I believe in ASEA because of the results I feel as well as all of my friends and family’s experiences.  I’ve just never had such a good feeling about a company before.

Marlin, Logan, UT

I’ll be 80 years old this year.  And of all the things that I have, I think ASEA would be the last one that I would ever want to get rid of because it keeps me healthy, and I enjoy it, and I like good health because I want to live to see 100.


Craig Stanton, Professional Race Car Driver

At first glance, being a race car driver might not seem like it requires much athletic ability. But believe me it’s not as easy as it looks. I race just under 300 days a year. We go 2Gs when braking and 3-4 Gs when turning – all in a super heated car, which inside is about 125 degrees. To get ready for races I train like a tri-athlete. In fact, I train non-stop. I’ve learned that when you push your body to its physical limits you need proper nutrition and supplements. I need the right supplements to help with my cardiovascular strength and to properly recover. That’s where ASEA comes in. ASEA really helps with my focus, balance and recovery times.

Alli Bills, College Basketball Coach and Former College Basketball Player

When I was introduced to ASEA I was very impressed with the three components of endurance, recovery, and repair.  This is something you never see included in one product.  ASEA has opened my eyes because it has measurable results.

Sinjin Smith, Olympic and World Champion Beach Volleyball Player

Beach volleyball is a very difficult sport.  It requires a lot from your body to move around and cover the court.  ASEA allows me to actually go out and train, feel good, recover, and then train more often.  Now I tell everyone I know about ASEA because I have never seen anything like it.

Rich Roll, Elite Ultra-Endurance Athlete

I am a big fan of ASEA, and feel it has significantly contributed to the advancement of not only my training and athletic performance, but also my overall wellness, as well as that of my wife.

Cody Waite, Competitive Triathlete

My body takes a beating as an Xterra off-road triathlete.  Typical distances are about a one mile swim, 20 mile off-road mountain bike, and a typical race is usually about six miles.  The off-road component makes it quite challenging.  I believe ASEA has helped me to achieve a higher level of athletic performance.  If my body is working properly at the cellular level everything is coming together.

James Lawrence, Ironman Triathlete

A friend introduced me to ASEA and I wasn’t sure what to think. I went to a sports clinic and got tested and then went on the product for 6 weeks.  I returned and did the same test.  I was able to run faster, on a steeper incline, with a lower heart rate.  Tests don’t lie and so I knew that ASEA was something that I had to have to help me accomplish my goals.


Jan, Lakeland, FL

I am a stay-at-home mom with 7 children ages 17-22.  In my first of taking ASEA I saw a big increase in my energy level.  Additionally, as soon as I go to bed I go right to sleep.  I feel ASEA is the best product I have ever used.

Sharolyn, Nixa, MO

I was at the end of my rope and very unhappy because I was having to rest quite a bit  throughout the day.  Then I found ASEA.  Within a week of drinking ASEA, I felt like I had my life back. I could be a mom and a wife again!

Health Minded

Cindy, Camas, Washington

I have been using ASEA around 2 months now. In those 2 months my energy level has literally jumped to where I never thought it would be again. Since drinking ASEA I have been healthier, and my drive and get up and go are at a 10. Your never realize you were at a 5 until you get back to 10.  ASEA has changed my life.

Yvette, Brooklyn, NY

Since I’ve started taking ASEA I’ve had so much more energy.  Running on a treadmill—usually I’m able to do a mile and a half, but now I’m able to do two miles without any problem, no soreness, and I’m so full of energy after I’ve finished the workout.  That’s amazing!

Alan, Dallas, TX

I think a lot of people have fallen into the trap in thinking that their health is their doctor’s responsibility or their government’s responsibility.  And the truth is it’s our responsibility.  It has to start with us and I can’t think of a better way to take back responsibility for your own health than with ASEA.

Patricia, Boise ID

After taking ASEA I started sleeping deeper at night.  Just the other night I told my husband, “I sleep like I did when I was four years old,” and sleep is such a blessing.

Will, Lewiston, ID

I have so much more energy now. Anyone who wants to get more out of their day and have more energy in the process should drink ASEA. I simply believe that ASEA gets my body organized, from the inside, so it wants to function better.

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