Leading ASEA Team Looking For Top MLM Leaders In Mexico

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February 7, 2014

Leading ASEA Team Looking For Top MLM Leaders In Mexico

ASEA, LLC. to Expand Product Shipments to Mexico in First Quarter 2014
ASEA continues to grow and expand, offering the life-changing ASEA product and opportunity to millions of people across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. ASEA’s next expansion will be in North America with the pre-launch of Mexico.
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With the opening of Mexico, we will complete our expansion across North America. – Jarom Webb, President ASEA

December 27, 2013 Salt Lake City, UT

“Mexico has been on our strategic expansion roadmap for the better part of 3 years. The country has a very healthy and growing direct selling market, doing several billion in annual (direct) sales. With the opening of Mexico, we will complete our expansion across North America,” reports Jarom Webb, ASEA President.

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Dave Asarnow, International Business Strategist and Independent Associate and ASEA Leader from Atlanta, GA for the Network Marketing Company (MLM) ASEA says, “After using the ASEA product for two years and watching the companies strategic expansion into 19 countries across North America and Europe, I am excited to personally be part of helping ASEA with their continued US and International expansion…. ASEA does things the right way for long-term company and associate success… ASEA also prepares new associates for a smooth and successful launch when expanding into new countries such as Mexico.”

We are currently seeking business partners with previous or current successful Network Marketing (MLM) and Direct Sales success in Mexico to help become what we plan on being the largest ASEA independent distribution network in Mexico.

ASEA is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of Redox Signaling reactive molecules that exists outside of living cells and can be used to help maintain proper balance inside the body to support the immune system and healing process. ASEA significantly increases the efficiency of communication signals between cells, those involved in cell damage detection, cell repair, and cell replacement.

Dave Asarnow and his Atlanta Launch Team are successful entrepreneurs and top top level independent ASEA Associates with over 20 years of successful business and industry experience that has generated over $400,000,000 in revenue in previous ventures. If you are looking to join a winning ASEA team that will fully support you in building a sound ASEA business in Mexico with grass roots and leading edge communication and training technology, we LOOK FORWARD TO CONNECTING!

Contact Dave Asarnow To Join Our International ASEA Expansion Team in Mexico

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