What Athletes Say

WHAT ATHLETES SAY… ASEA athletes are finding they can go farther, faster, longer without red-lining their heart rate or going into critical oxygen debt

Shawn Burke: ASEA is the Real Deal

Shawn Burke of Post Falls, Idaho has added ASEA to his training regimen for the last five months. He is the real deal, a 51 year-old Ironman triathlete who, for the first time in over a decade, is enjoying all the rewards of is life-style and none of the pain. Shawn has been training and racing for more than 25 years, but this has been one of the best years of his life! He has qualified for two separate national events, raced an Ironman and a Half Ironman in a single season, completed a half marathon with his personal best time, and come in first place in his age group at three separate events.

All of his hard work is not without its trials, first and foremost being long recovery times. Shawn believes that ASEA has made that a thing of the past. He participated in the Ironman Coeur d’Alene and finished almost an hour faster than his previous time. This Ironman race included a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, and a 262. mile run! Walking away he felt amazing, with no need for his usual post-race massage. Shawn was “back to work 48 hours later and back to training within 72… all with no soreness!” What a benefit for such an active athlete.

Shawn has remained injury-free and healthy for the entire season, “a first for my racing career.” Along with these other benefits he has found that he is sleeping better than he has in a decade. ASEA has lifted Shawn to new heights. “My Training is no longer being controlled by the fatigue and soreness of my body. I am now able to train by the determination of my mind. This is a whole new level of training for me.”

Cody Waite: Pushing the Limits

Cody began mountain bike racing as a young boy in the small town of Cave Creek, Arizona. “After high school I decided I wanted to be a professional bike racer. I really fell in love with the training, science, and the physiology that is specific to endurance racing,” Cody told us. Since then, he has pushed his love for racing to the next level. As well as running his own coaching company with over 50 athletes, Cody currently competes on a professional level in the Xterra off-road triathlon series. These endurance races take between two and three hours and include a 1,500 meter swim, 20 miles of off-road biking, and roughly six miles of trail running. Depending on the location of the race, athletes have to face hills, obstacles, and a variety of different terrains.

A little over a year ago his mother, Melissa Pierce, introduced him to ASEA. He decided to do some running time trials, with and without drinking ASEA. He found, “I could run the same pace at a lower heart rate with ASEA; two to three beats per minute, which does not sound like a huge difference, but over the course of a multi-hour endurance event, it can actually make a difference in terms of energy savings and extending speed.” Cody has been taking ASEA every day since; two ounces in the morning and two at night. He also takes a couple of ounces right before and right after each workout.

Another benefit of ASEA that Cody has noticed is an enhancement to his immune system. Since he is a professional endurance athlete he keeps detailed training logs. On average, since the age of 18, he has lost around two weeks’ worth of training each year. Since he started using ASEA regularly he has not missed a single day of training. Cody will be competing – with the help of ASEA – in the Xterra World Championships this October in Hawaii.

Rich Roll & ASEA to go Live on TV

Rich Roll, one of Men’s Fitness Magazine 2009 25 fitness men in America, ultra-endurance athlete and founder of the JAI Lifestyle will be hitting the Airwaves on Thursday August 11 to conduct live TV and Radio interviews across the Nation regarding the Athletic Benefits of ASEA.

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Ironman Athlete: ASEA as I know it

My brother, Mike, asked me to try ASEA over a year ago. At that time I had no idea what it was or what it could do for me. Mike told me ASEA would help my racing performance in triathlons. I am a triathlete, and I am always looking for the next legal supplement to give me that extra oomph to shave seconds off my time and kick my opponents assess! So I told him I would give it a shot.

I’ll tell you what I was expecting. I was expecting a shot of adrenalin, a burst of energy. Like something you feel after drinking a Red Bull or taking gobs of caffeine. ASEA did not do any of this when I started taking it. So naturally I thought to myself “this stuff doesn’t work”. I told Mike that ASEA was doing nothing for me. He said give it some time and be patient. I am not a patient person! I want results now, not in a few months. Mike was supplying me so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to keep taking it.

St. George Ironman is said to be the toughest Ironman course in the world. TheDevan2 bike elevation gain is over 4,000 feet and then the run elevation gain is over 2,000 feet. A daunting task to say the least. I completed the St. George Ironman in 2010 with a time of 10:45:38 placing 6th in my age group (25-29), 77 overall out of 1878 and missing the World Championship by one spot. I wanted to improve my time and qualify for the World Championship in 2011. This year I moved up an age group, (30-34) making it more competitive and harder to qualify. I was up for the challenge. I started my training in January. Mike gave me a case of ASEA to take while I was training and preparing for the race. Like I said before I did not notice anything right away. What I did notice was, I wasn’t as sore after hard training days. I was able to recover faster and have harder back-to-back training days. I felt great. I wasn’t getting sick training in the winter. Things were going as planned.

I raced St. George in May and finished with a time of 10:11:31. Cutting 34 minutes and 7 seconds from 2010. I finished 12th in my age group and 59th overall. Unfortunately once again I did not make the World Championship, but I was very satisfied with my results. That was a huge improvement over one year.

ASEA was not the only thing I change that year so I can’t give ASEA sole credit for my improvements. I changed coaches and bought a new bike prior to racing. I know ASEA didn’t hurt me. I felt great after the race and was able to recover quickly. I was able to race again 4 weeks later and place 5th overall at the Salem Spring Sprint.

I wanted to qualify for some World Championship if it wasn’t the full Ironman might as well be the Half Ironman Championship in Vegas. I signed up for the Boise 70.3, which was on June 11th. I continued to train and take ASEA. I was nervous that this race was to early after the Ironman and hadn’t fully recovered yet. I decided to give it my best shot. I ended up finishing 04:33:22, 6th in my age group and 58th overall. I ended qualifying for the 70.3 World Championship in Vegas.

I believe ASEA helped me recover and race to my full potential. I don’t know all the science behind ASEA and how it works at a cellular level. I do know I felt a difference. I will continue to use ASEA to help me race the best that I can.

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Inside Lacrosse Magazine Reviews ASEA

Previously we shared with you a stunning review of ASEA from nationally recognized Road Bike Action Magazine. Today Editors from yet another prominent magazine that reviews products for serious athletes have taken a look at ASEA and published a review. Again one of the cornerstones of the ASEA experience for athletes is Recovery!

Here is some of the best of what they had to say!

“I have become strangely addicted to it. People around the office give me a hard time when I break out my ASEA spray bottle before an intense editorial meeting.” – Ryan Rabidou

Post-Workout: “This is where Asea shines. I was rarely sore the next day after taking it (soccer, running, weight-training), when I normally would have been. Definitely effective for muscle recovery.” – JJ

“The next day I didn’t feel nearly as sore, especially after climbing. 6/10″ – RR

Check out the full review here

Running with ASEA

Avid runner, fitness coach, and now ASEA user David Stretanski is a believer. He believes in the power of a healthy lifestyle and physical exercise, but he recently discovered that he believes in ASEA as well. “I started using ASEA in November 2010 just two weeks before an ultramarathon (50 miles),” states David. “During the event, I noticed less muscle fatigue and tension. After the event, I had less overall fatigue and a quicker recovery. I was back to running sooner and with more energy.” That’s all it took for David to start drinking ASEA every day.

David is an ultramarathon racer. For most people, just hearing the word “marathon” sparks a new level of fear and anxiety. For David, he takes the 26.2 mile marathon even further. Basically, an ultramarathon is any footrace that is over the standard marathon race. Typically, an ultramarathon begins at about 50 miles, but they can go much farther than that. The longest ultramarathon in the world is The Ultimate Ultra, a 1300-mile race held in New York every fall. Most ultramarathons are run on roads, trails, or tracks. It’s plain to see that training for such a race is extremely intense. That’s why David incorporates ASEA into his training schedule. David says, “I currently use ASEA daily and also add ASEA before and after longer training runs. It continues to help me train with more energy, strength, and quicker recovery.”

In addition to David’s demanding training schedule, he is also a fitness coach. David’s specialty lies in ChiRunning and ChiWalking. David enjoys sharing the simple principles of fitness that help people gain efficient and consistent mobility. He utilizes these principles with his clients, but also on a personal level. With such a strong fitness background, David recognizes that solid nutrition and healthy supplements will help athletes perform better.

While ASEA is excellent for athletes, David notices a difference in all aspects of his life. He says, “ASEA enhances every part of my life. I have more energy every day to focus on my goals, including a demanding fitness coaching business and personal fitness program.” Add to that the ability to focus, and ASEA can also help your body to operate efficiently. David says, “My body seems to handle fluctuations in fitness, dietary, and mental stress much better. I have more energy all day long.”

Whether your goal is to run a 50-mile ultramarathon, like David, or you simply want to set some goals to live a healthier life, add ASEA to your routine.

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ASEA Athletes: Craig Stanton

My name is Craig Stanton I live in Long Beach California. I am on the road 283 days a year. I race cars for a living, I coach, I have over 80 clients that I see throughout the year. I do a lot of product testing and development for Mercedes, Porsche, AMG, Michelin etc..

I might be in the car for anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes five to six times per day. So I have got to get myself mentally and physically up, ready to go and then give my best effort and then recover. That’s with good food, good water and that’s where the recovery comes in, to get myself regenerated back again for the next session.

ASEA has been good for me because I am able to fully recover on the cell level. When I go to my nutritionist, when I go to my doctors they are always talking about “on the cell level” and that’s were ASEA works. So we are regenerating, we are completely rebuilding, it happens when I am sleeping it happens early in the mornings. I take it twice per day.

I am seeing a difference on a mountain bike, I am seeing a difference on my backyard climbing wall. I am seeing a difference when I surf and when I get in my car on a day to day basis. Its super hot, its super physical, and it’s super mental.

Knowing that I can bring my A+ game to the event – non negotiable is exciting for me. That’s true passion, that’s what ASEA is helped me doing is being able to go wow I am showing up, I am the man, I am going to go to the front and I am going to win a championship. I am going to work hard for my team, I am going to work hard for my co-driver.

That gives me the ability to go wow, I am going to be able to be in the sport for another five to ten years. I can make a difference in peoples lives. I can go from day to day and go you know I am not going to get sick I am going to recover. I am going to be able to do my best job I have ever done tomorrow and I am only getting better! That’s exciting, that changes lives right there. That’s powerful for me, that’s knowing that ASEA has made a difference in my life.

How ASEA Helped Set A Guinness Book World Record

When James Lawrence set out to create a new Guinness Book world record for the most Half Ironmans in a year, he knew it was game on. James recalls, “Setting a world record was such a big motivation for me! Once I started, I knew there was no turning back.” Thirty weeks and 22 Ironman 70.3 races later, James has found himself in the record books. And he credits his success to determination, hard work, and ASEA.

Part of any athletic training regime is solid nutrition and healthy supplements to help with sustained performance and recovery. James says, “ASEA helped me recover quickly so I could compete week in and week out. I was able to go faster for longer periods of time, at a lower heart rate. That’s simply incredible” James knows that taking supplements and staying healthy are an important part of any athletes life. he comments, “I feel athletes should take supplements to keep themselves healthy and competitive. ASEA is the foundation of my supplement line. ASEA makes everything else I’m doing better.”

ASEA is changing the world, one athlete and one performance at a time. The next time you head out for some exercise-whether a light jog or even to set a world record (like James did)-don’t forget too take ASEA along for the ride!

Anthony Schaan: Determination

Anthony “Tony” Schaan is an Infantry Platoon Sergeant in the National Guard, a soldier, who was deployed to Iraq during 2005-2005. He was introduced to ASEA by Kristy Schaan (former wife, friend and sponsor) about 13 months ago. Since March 2010, he has been drinking 4-6 oz of ASEA every day! He is really going strong and is very excited about the product and the changes he is seeing in himself. Now he wants to share it with everyone he meets, everywhere he goes.

Tony is a self-professed skeptic so he started out slow. But he also, admittedly, can be very headstrong. When he decided to start drinking ASEA his goal was to allow the product to prove itself. And now he’s glad he had that determination. “After feeling the effects of ASEA myself and hearing about the positive changes that it has made in the lives of others, I feel I have to share it with everyone! I find myself making excuses to talk to people about it.”

The determination and diligence that carried Tony through his National Guard posting in Iraq is now pushing him to greater heights with ASEA. He is seeing many benefits athletically, mentally, physically and even cosmetically! “As times passed I began to notice small changes and soon larger ones! I am looking forward to seeing what more this product can do as time goes on.”

Tenacious, diligent and determined; Tony is a shining example of the benefits of this powerful Redox Signaling supplement. When Tony speaks to people about ASEA he likes to remind them to “look seriously at the product, it has so much to offer on so many levels. This product can help everyone with general better health and wellness!”

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