What Is ASEA Redox Supplement

What Is ASEA Redox Supplement

What Is ASEA Redox Supplement? ASEA Redox Supplement is ASEA!

ASEA is the worlds first and only shelf stabilized Redox Signaling Supplement in the world. Many scientists, doctors and product users are now referring to ASEA as the single greatest health science breakthrough of the century.

What are Redox Signaling Molecules?

Created within our cells, Redox Signaling Molecules are a cornerstone to ALL humans’ cellular health. When we age, we begin to produce fewer Redox Signaling Molecules. And as we age we do not heal and recover as fast as we used to when we were younger.

Why? Because as we age we produce fewer Redox Signaling Molecules and our cells do not function as well as they used to. However until the breakthrough scientific discovery of these Amazing Molecules, there was no way to replace these molecules… until the scientific discovery of ASEA.

ASEA Ingredients

The creation of ASEA begins with two ingredients (salt and water). However just like bread begins as flour and water, something magical happens during ASEA’s proprietary and patented complex 3-day process. The salt and water are transformed into 16 unique and stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules, 8 positively charged and 8 negatively charged, in balanced sets. ASEA found a way to achieve what others thought was impossible, something others have been trying to for years… they created the same Redox Signaling Molecules that are native to our body, in a shelf stable format, outside of our body. The same Redox Signaling Molecules that appear in our bodies at the cellular level. In nearly two decades of research and development the product and company ASEA was created.

ASEA Is Supported By Science

The science behind Redox Signaling Molecules has been published in United States and International scientific and medical peer reviewed journals.

Nobel Prize winning scientists just 15 years ago discovered redox Signaling Molecules, and because of this discovery, A Nobel Prize in Science was awarded. Redox Signaling Molecules are critical to all living things because they support the natural process for cellular health.

Think about this, O2 (Oxygen) is also a molecule. And what happens if we do not have Oxygen? Yes, we die. Oxygen was discovered in 1778 and it took over 100 years to put it in a bottle. Because of the science and technology behind ASEA, we were able to bottle these AMAZING MOLECULES only 11 years from its discovery. Now ASEA Redox Supplement is the first and only Redox Signaling Molecule supplement available, and because of the numerous International patents, we are without any competition.

Unfortunately, our bodies supply of Redox Signaling Molecules drops with age. When our cells age, we start experiencing more dis-ease (the opposite of ease) and a general lack of health and feeling well. The most powerful antioxidant in our body is Glutathione, and it is produced naturally in our body. ASEA increases intercellular Glutathione by over 500%

While taking juices and nutritional supplements may be beneficial to your health, they are not unique and do not increase your Glutathione levels like ASEA and its Redox Signaling Molecules.

As we age we produce fewer Redox Signaling Molecules.

Read what those in the medical profession are saying about ASEA Redox Supplement and its Redox Signaling Molecules.

These studies clearly demonstrate that Redox Signaling Molecules are involved in supporting virtually every major body system and function.

ASEA Advancing Life

ASEA is about advancing life naturally. ASEA optimizes cellular communication. When cellular communication improves, our bodies systems such as the immune system have an opportunity to improve.

With ASEA’s Redox Signaling Molecules, your body has the ability to replenish, replace and repair at the true cellular level.

ASEA is the revolutionary Redox Signaling supplement, which is designed to promote cellular healing from the inside out. ASEA’ Redox Molecules have the unique ability to harnesses our body’s own chemical messengers which unlock antioxidants via reactive molecules, signaling the body to repair damage at the cellular level.

ASEA helps make sure your body’s natural mechanisms are fine-tuned for improved cellular healing and health plus athletic performance. In the end it is all about creating optimal health.

ASEA is Natural. ASEA is Scientifically Tested. ASEA is Advancing Life Naturally.

Antioxidant and Redox Signaling

NEWSFLASH!!!! While many are not aware, our bodies already produce the most powerful antioxidants on the planet. Glutathione and SOD are already made in our cells. Great News… Glutathione and SOD are 1000’s of times more powerful than antioxidants found in fruits and berries! A recent study discovered that ASEA has the unique ability to boost the effectiveness of Glutathione and SOD by a massive 500%!

ASEA Improves Athletic Performance

Double blind placebo studies showed that when a person consumes ASEA for 7 straight days it prompts a massive mobilization of fatty acids. What this means is that your body can use these fats for energy, which is a superior fuel source, versus muscle glycogen, which is an inferior fuel source. The research shows that taking ASEA has the potential to affect a 29% increase in endurance! It’s no wonder ASEA Athletes are going further, faster, longer, harder…and recovering better than ever before!

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